Many of our loyal business customers include Restaurants, Dental Clinics, Hotels, Sports facilities etc.


What our customers are saying

This is an excellent product. I’m so happy to have it! I was not much of a flosser but now that I see it right in front of me, I have no choice but to floss. It’s a great invention. I’m super excited to have it. It’s really great!

Claudia Pistilli

Customers are happily surprised when they see the dental floss dispenser in the restroom.  They think it’s genius! And it makes us glad that we offer it.

Alcindo Alves
Co-owner, Restaurant Etoile de l’ocean, Montreal

Cavalli’s customers love to use the floss dispensers.  I only receive positive feedback from customers in regards to offering floss in our restrooms.  It’s a fantastic service.  And if my customers are happy, I am happy.

Co-owner, Cavalli Ristorante, Montreal

I love Pearl’s design and the superb quality of Velvet floss.  My hygienists like that they don’t have to look for floss, it’s ready-to-use on the wall and “in your face”.

Dr. Joumana Charouk

This is the perfect way to help my kids floss daily.  Mounted on the wall makes it so easy for them.  I love it!

Celine Paquette

Oralgem dispensers should be in every bathroom of every establishment.  Just one of many positive comments we get from our customers often.  Super convenient, it’s discreet, and people love it.  It’s clever and conscientious.  We are glad to offer this service to our customers.

Stella Marques
Maitre D’, Cafe Ferreira, Montreal

I installed the Pearl dispenser at home.  I love 2 things about your product. 1. It’s not laying on the counter.  2. I am not about to run out of floss.  Cheers.

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